Egyptian Hip-Hop

Imagine running into a fella that looks exactly like Mos Def and can drop the deepest rhymes in the same tone - yet 7X better in slickness. That's my boy, Ghost. He's Egyptian but was raised in Dubai. His dad is an ambassador so I would expect the kid to be somewhat conservative, but it's the opposite. Ghost can name the hottest clubs around the world in less than 3 minutes. It's all he spends his money on. He's a hash smokin' gangsta pourin' rhymes non-stop with a plan to dominate the hip-hop world. Now, meet Rafiq. Egyptian too, but born and raised in Montreal. He fled the cops by returning to Egypt and can tell you all about the Russian prostitutes along the Red sea where he says he gets them hot and juicy for less than the price of a beer. During the day, he's a financial analyst - homie at night.

Rafiq can roll rhymes in Arabic, English and French and has already made albums in France. Isn't it weird how one day I lose all my music, and then a week later meet the fattest cats on the planet! I've reformatted my hard drive, upped the sound, and have been whipping out beats even better and tighter than before!! Everything does happen for a reason. The Egyptian invasion is coming soon. I'm not fucking around. I'm starting all over but I'm not leaving until I have an album ready to pimp and cameos introducing some really dope dudes. I'm not kidding. They are dope.

Hip-hop has always been popular amongst the Egyptian youth. But now, it's our generation that are bringing it, changing it up in twisted tongues to spit out to the international arena. Man, I'm so happy I met those two. It was a confirmation for me that our slickness is for real...and again...everything happens for a reason.