Cleopatra WAS a Goddess

Last year, I was driving in my car when I heard a live report on NPR saying a coin was found depicting Cleopatra as being ugly. Not true. Not true at all. That coin they found was Roman made. And anybody that knows the true story of Cleopatra knows that she was HATED by the Romans and was known to the Italians as, The Egyptian Whore.

Let truth be told as it is widely known, that Cleopatra seduced two Roman emperors, the great Caesar AND his predecessor, Marc Anthony. So much hatred was brewing amongst the Romans because their leaders abandoned their native posts and spent most of their time in Alexandria. I've seen Egyptian coins and statues of what Cleopatra really looked like. She had the body and looks of a regal Goddess and she used her assets to save Egypt from the occupation of Rome. It is no secret amongst the Romans, that she was hated, hated so much that she was the cause of Caesar being assassinated, but he loved her so much that he did claim the son he had with her before he died, even if it morally killed the Romans.

I have a coin in my hand right now that shows her in a falcon headdress. When I had a debate with the old men in Alexandria about Cleopatra, they laughed at me when I told them the NPR report and showed them a picture of the coin that revealed her likeliness as depicted by the Romans. They laughed and laughed at me. First, they said the coin revealed her as being in her 40s and 50s when in truth Cleopatra died an early death in her late 20s. Even in movies, they reveal the same. She died young.

All around Egypt there are Roman tombs and columns that stand under gravel and dirt that the natives kick around and treat like trash. It was the Romans, that burned down Cleopatra's house of records, the largest library holding books of knowledge of our universe and the history of Egypt. Today, the largest library in the world now stands two blocks from my building, in homage to the Queen who saved Egypt from the Romans. So you have to understand the local Egyptian sentiment on why they trash Roman artifacts, and in return, you have to understand why the Romans hated Cleopatra who managed to steal the hearts of two prolific leaders of a strong empire that was trying to dominate the world. They didn't stand a chance with Egypt. Come to Egypt and see what she really looked like. She was beautiful.