Camera Eye Warriors

Sometimes words are not enough to speak for your eyes, let alone your emotions. The English language is so powerfully rich in words of expression, yet so weak and limited for those which describe how we really feel. Nowadays, there seems to be a cliché to describe every situation, a phrase to sum up every trauma, and a line already designed to manipulate every action. There are many ways to describe the feelings we experience when we fall in love; however, the adjectives are so limited to describe the way we feel when we lose a loved one. Language is such a powerful means to express what can't be told by our eyes and our hearts, and only through language can we share what cannot be seen by the outer shells of our being. Our world is not supposed to be so predictable and boring. Yet it only seems that way because society likes to move away from the dark clouds and grayness that sometimes fill up our skies and lives, and tends to drift more towards the sun to keep the masses interested and entertained. What our society does so well is orchestrate its own productions to hide Truth, for it comes in a multitude of colors that would only distort us from the reality our systems try so hard to hide from us.

What is really ignored these days is the truth that lies behind a passerby’s eyes, the library of experience that amasses with age, a soul with their own unique story –- protected by a shield of emotions hardened over a lifetime. How can one mix colors that can paint a tableau of their being without words? If so can be done, then how many people walking by you on the streets have paintings made of pure yellow, compared to those of pitched blackness? What color are you and do the plethora of colors that make up your persona even generate a shade other than gray, brown, black? Or white? White is strictly reserved for infants with clean slates, empty canvases yet to be drabbed by color. And yellow? Yellow is only for the souls who disguise their true feelings the same way America reads like a greeting card. When you mix your world of feelings using colors, you are bound to come up with a murky color in the end. So in an essence, we do live in a black and white world and the colors that make up our experiences, that label our personal tales, and reveal the emotions behind each of our chapters is only for you to write about and share, to reveal the true being behind your dark essence that is covered in layer upon layer of paint masking your history. Nobody will ever know who you are or what you are really about, until YOU and only you reveal the truth behind your painting. Truth will never be visible to the world until enough of us share the majestic compositions that play loudly in our souls.

Can you honestly say you can read a man by his eyes? Can you predict the happiness of a woman's marriage by the creases around her eyes or lips? Only a fool will believe they can for every crease comes with a story only to be revealed by characters within the script. From the outside perspective, we are quick to assume the cause of scars and lines without hearing truth circling from the lips of those who contain it. We are so trained to look at everything as entertainment that assumptions feed the fire of bored gossiping fools. What about you? Yes, YOU with the eyes that reveal whirlpools of splendor, wisdom, suffering, and pain. You with the history, his story, of experiences filled with happiness, sadness and madness? When will you share the story of your life or use your experiences to teach others the knowledge amassed by the experiences of your journey? Only the dormant, and without opinion, stay within the safe boundaries of the black and white world where they find safety hiding behind empty pages revealing nothing. Why allow people to assume what it is you stand for – if anything at all? Why allow others to tell stories about you, or speak on your behalf, and assume the shapes and shades that define who you are without telling them yourself? What a sin that is to prevent sharing your true colors with the world. What a sin it is to trap colors within your being and prevent them from reflecting in unison with your multidimensional equals who don’t know where you are because your prism is reflecting nothing to them from afar.

I ask people of the world and children of light to start reflecting the stories of their souls to vibrate wisdom around the earth. Pick up a paintbrush or microphone. Press the inks of your pens to paper, tap words onto your screens and start sharing what you know and have learned with the masses. Turn your personal painting into a piece of the earth’s puzzle so that our unified assemblage of thoughts, stories and lessons reveal Truth. What if the world suddenly spoke real loud, the unconventionality of the words were strong enough to melt paper? Imagine what Truth could do to neutralize the clutches of evil once this black and white world suddenly became embraced by a strong rainbow of loud powerful voices. What if words started becoming so bold and deep that they defied the conventionality of our current world and standards set within it? Flip the script even in your daily interactions. Instead of saying, I love you, you would hear phrases like…I can’t believe you picked me. We are all born poets. We are all born storytellers and our minds were created to be boundless and never to be limited. Defy the norm and exploit all mediums to share your stories. All of you, and especially YOU. To die with a best-selling story trapped within your being is a sad gift to your maker who set experiences on your path so that your evolution could be shared in synergy with others.

If my eyes could talk, film would be pouring down my cheeks; however, they stay trapped behind shutters with tinted lenses. Surely, if I kept the cinema in my mind trapped for too long, eventually the film would turn into tears that would choke the well in my throat right down to my very soul. And in the end, I would die with records of knowledge never to be shared and my camera eyes would remain forever capped as soon as the hands of death slid past my lids for once and forever. What a shame to silence my soul or to hear your soul silenced without ever knowing you, my love, my brother, my sister, my father? I call out to the elevated of the world to start sharing. To start putting words into action in front of all to bear witness; to Life’s animated airport where we sit on benches witnessing sadness in motion, laughter in rewind, and time in fast-forward. To the ones that choose to stay compressed, repressed, and blank -- stay put, and do please feel free to trade lenses if need be. It gets rather boring keeping the same perspective so rotate them around as much as you like. I welcome you all to the Great Awakening where everyone has a story to share, words to pour, and wisdom to elevate the masses. Choose your own personal theater to roll your tape as mediums nowadays are plenty.

Camera rolling, take seven.

Suzy Kassem aka Blue Panther
November 21, 2008

* Write and people will come to read. Write and people will heed to your words and share them with others. Not all may relate, but wait, and those that were meant to see it eventually will find it, for truth waits to be found. It searches for no one.