City of the Dead

Welcome to Old Cairo, the City of the Dead. Here rests graves upon graves of my ancestors from centuries ago. My grandparents and uncles are all buried here, as well as, empty tombs reserved for the remainder of our family.

Just recently there have been reports of grave robbers who dig up the skeletons of the dead and sell them to pharmaceutical companies who then take a portion of the bleached powered material and re-sell them to middlemen who then distribute it all to cocaine dealers to use as fillers. Why human bones and not those of cats or donkeys? Ask satan. The bones are also sold to be used in black magic and to build human models in medical schools.

Do I plan on being buried there? No. After hearing the news that one of my uncle's remains were not found when it came time for his wife to be buried next to him, my dad bought the family private grave plots in Alexandria next to the sea. I, however, plan and wish to be buried in Aswan, upper Egypt, the most peaceful place in the world. And where I have found the people there to be ideal role models for the rest of humanity.