Are You Cool Cat Certified?

Scribed Traits of a Genuine Cool Cat:

  1. Unique and unconventional. Leaders not followers. Have a unique signature flair attributed to their persona.

  2. Deep thinkers. Always active in thought. Awake while others are sleeping.

  3. Don’t brand or label themselves. Refuse to be tied to one sub-culture and don’t buy into pop culture.

  4. Elevated and always evolving. Stagnation causes them to break.

  5. Intellectual – whether schooled or street-trained.

  6. Innovators vs. traditionalists.

  7. Adaptable in all settings. Can communicate with people of all languages, backgrounds, religions, occupations and income strata with ease.

  8. Observant and all knowing. Very intuitive and perceptive. Has the alertness of a cat even when they seem dormant.

  9. Have crossed through all sub-cultures during their evolution and are on top of all the slangs, trends, and styles attributed to each.

  10. Always in the know of styles and trends years before they hit. Cool cats make great leaders in business, but often find themselves ahead of the wave with their ideas and projects that after they move onto something else, it is the followers who often enjoy the rewards years later with the same ideas and projects.

  11. Usually possess strong intimidating auras and strong personalities or personas that make people either love them or reject them out of fear or envy.

  12. Need alone time to regenerate. If they are surrounded by too many chaotic personalities, they snap when they feel suffocated.

  13. Aren’t frequent daters and are very selective. They fall in love rarely but love harshly.

  14. Extremely gifted and multi-talented beyond the norm. Prone to severe depression when their talents are not released. Often they are so scattered with their turbulent energy that they rarely finish projects, and even sentences. Their talent cannot be contained, therefore it may never see the light to be packaged or shared with others. Cool cats may work on projects for years even though they may be seen as ‘market ready’ in the eyes of others. Yet to the cat, it is never ready. Nothing is perfect enough, though their quality of work may outdo anything done by established icons of the past and present.

  15. Many commit suicide in their early to mid twenties, and a majority rarely live to see forty. They have a sharp sensitivity to everything happening in the world at large. Their sensitivity to everything around them is their curse. Those who survive, become closet eccentrics or rise to become influential people. Almost all, are prone to substance or alcohol abuse to dim their lights or tame their energy.
  16. Cool cats have no patience for liars, hypocrites, and corrupters as they see themselves as warriors for Truth. They are forgiving and will allow you to lie to a limit. But once they cross you off, they will never give you the same chance again. They are patient and extremely giving, but do not tolerate people disrespecting them or taking them for fools. They never forget. Try taking them for granted and exhaust their patience and you’ll unleash a hurricane. If you preach as a Truth warrior or someone who cares for a cause, and they call you out as a phony for trendy showmanship, you probably are. For a cool cat has already seen it all and sees through all.

  17. Have tons of acquaintances, large networks of strong affiliates, tons of admirers, but keep their personal circle of close relationships small. They don’t allow too many people into their world and are often very private. They may share their experiences openly to a degree, but they guard many details with secrecy and ferocity.

  18. Have the eye to detect talent in others and will often push others to succeed in various industries, often forgetting their own talents in the process. They are very selfless. They also have no problem offering multiple solutions to the problems of others, but ironically, are one-dimensional in solving their own problems.

  19. Are very well-traveled which gives them the compassion and deep understanding to become great leaders. They are masterminds with minds that have tolled a life of suffering, pain, and enumerable experiences to evolve into masters of the world. They have mastered all perspectives and are constantly shifting perspectives to understand all views in every problematic situation. Behind their words, is a book of experiences. They speak for their eyes and ears.
  20. Are fiercely protective and generous with loved ones and are self-sacrificial to the less fortunate. A supreme giver never wants anything in return.

  21. Short-tempered. Piss off a cool cat and you will go up against something with the strength of someone on PCP. A cool cat fights exactly in the same manner of a wildcat.

  22. Cool cats are the true visionaries of the world. They are often found behind the creation of great people, ideas, businesses, policies, and smart children. They have the power to influence and the power to bring out the best in others.

  23. They are first and foremost, natural slicksters. They are the reason the word COOL was even created. Their compassion, sensitivity, skill in dealing with all kinds of people, versatility in creative efforts, and talent in detecting and forecasting trends, often lead them to boredom and the internal justification that they do not have to prove anything to anybody for they have seen it all and can do it all.

  24. Are often regarded as being rebellious, anarchists, societal misfits, and problem children to systems of all kinds and governments.

    Results: If you made at least 3/4ths of the qualifications on this list, you may very well be one. Cool cats lead unpredictable lives, hate routines and are very spontaneous in their actions. Is a cool cat the same as being a hipster? No. Nowadays, hipsterdom is a term used to describe trendy commercialized freaks that roll in packs. A cool cat has a mind of his/her own and hates stereotypes and engaging in groups. They are very anti-group, anti-segregation, and against division of any sort -- except for dividing truth from fiction, good from evil, real cool cats from the fakers.

-Suzy Kassem

* Photo contributed by Enrico Watson