One Year


The things I was into last year, I'm no longer into today.

The way I thought and felt earlier this year, is way different from how I think and feel now.

I am happy I have evolved around the world

But I'm not happy with the way things have evolved around me.

I can be the change I want to see in the world.

But what's the point, if those close to me aren't changing with my world?

In one year, I have lived several lifetimes.

In one year, I have done more than my entire lifetime.

Why am I still so sad?

Helpless and Hopeless?

Because I've seen everything there is to see.

Everything is moving fast.

Division of races, religions, classes

New additions in globalization

Sickness, poverty, and unemployment are multiplying

The voice of reason has been subtracted.

How could anybody want to live blindly?

While there is every reason to fear the future?

Its a slow demise.

So take off them rose colored glasses

And look outside from your distorted mind.

What you see outside will make you cry.

The world is getting so ugly

Despite the beauty of our natural world.

And the beauty you think you see inside your TVs

Now is the perfect time for a commercial break

So allow me to adjust this signal to make this message clear.

I would be lying to tell you that I'm not scared.

And I think it's only fair

That while you take off your glasses

I can now put on mine.

Just for one year.


"ONE YEAR" by Suzy Kassem
Copyright 2008, All rights reserved.