Points of Light

"I truly believe that all religions were descended to man in different styles and languages so that natives in each land would be able to understand them. The underlying principles of all religions are the same even though their messengers came in different colors and voices. Today, I believe that amidst all the noise and distractions, an old seed of transcultural light messengers has re-appeared, and like chameleons these beings are transformed to convey the message of peace to different sub-cultures across various industries, using voices and images their targeted audiences will understand. The one thing many of these peace soldiers seem to forget, is that their lights shine brighter when they synergize (1 + 1 > 2) with each other and that an even greater illuminating effect is produced when they resonate in unity from each of their appointed territories. What's the point of a spark of light if it stands alone? The key is, and will always be, synergy. Without it, each and every light being will forever feel broken, misplaced, and internally crippled."

-Suzy Kassem aka Blue Panther