Mear One

You cannot deny talent when you see it. Mear One is no exception.

Mear One is THE visionary graffiti artist on the west coast...and the entire United States, except Puerto Rico -- believe it or not.

If I had to assemble a crew from the U.S to go up against some of the best graffiti writers and artists in Europe, who are not foreign to busting out styles equal to or more superior to Mear, I'd make Mear one of the frontrunners on the team. For sure. Mear is super versatile. There isn't an artist out there he can't mimic, whether from our current times or that of the Renaissance period. He really is the Da Vinci of the new millennium.

Mear's artwork is trans dimensional, super electric, fast-forward, political, enlightening, gritty and beautiful. Many artists with roots in graffiti culture have already crossed over to bask in the light of the fine art or commercial spectrum. However, Mear who has the skills and sensibilities to outperform in both sectors, stays true to himself. His abilities have no clear definition in today's art market because he can do everything. His breadth is as wide as all the oceans combined and his depth is as deep as the iciest of ocean floors.

Mear has no ONE signature style, he has thousands. And sadly, nowadays artists are quickly branded and identified by one skill, one style, and one trademark. Mear is as elevated and as fast-forward as his work. His mind is always working and it shows in his artwork. From political slants to nirvana, Mear has hit them all. True talent needs no publicity team nor interns, which is typical to the Los Angeles art game. True talent is Mear One.

Check out his work here. This collection does not feature his full body of work nor full pieces.