I Miss Home

Cairo, Egypt. That's old Cairo in the front where my mom and dad grew up and new Cairo is in the middle. What you see here though is only 20% of the city. Cairo is gigantic and it's population density is 12 times that of New York City. If you think NYC is too big for you, you won't handle Cairo.

Egyptians are the craziest drivers. You don't want to drive there - period. Nobody sticks to the lanes, 5 cars driving parallel to each other on the freeway, and every time you get into a car you think you're going to die because other cars are driving too close, drivers aren't paying attention, are super high, or too busy singing. I've had 2 relatives get hit this year and both are dead. Both were city natives. My dad got hit hard too earlier this year in Alexandria and it sent him flying. The driver was busy on the cell phone. Also, I was coming back from a market with a little kid one day, and this guy drove tightly around me in circles 4-5 times. I couldn't get out or move because I was afraid I'd get hit. He stopped then blocked my path walking home. I took a huge rock and threw it through his front window. It caused a scene but the storekeepers watching the whole thing stepped in. There are crazy people...everywhere.

Take the tram everywhere. If there isn't one around, take a cab or microbus. Egypt is worth exploring, but go with a native or have someone available to you that can navigate you through all the different worlds and lifestyles. There is more to Egypt than ancient artifacts. Seriously, I feel so sorry for tourists when I see them pouring over maps and guidebooks. Those books don't tell people how to really get around the right way or enough about the street culture, customs, and overall vibe. Details are very outdated regardless of your edition. You can't expect one of the most bustling cities to be stagnant and constant. Have a plan before you go.