Had a late start today and an early finish in Boston. Last night I caught the Floorlords hosting their United Styles Bboy Battle. I had a super old friend coming in from Russia to compete so I went to meet him. Today they had EPMD and Das EFX performing at the Hip-Hop For Peace Festival. It was scheduled for 4 -8pm and I showed up at 8:40, but it kept going on until 10! I made it in time for my favorite jam.

Erick Sermon and Keith Murray busted out "JUST LIKE MUSIC", the Marvin Gaye massively sampled tribute track. It sounded dope live and I typically can't stand hip-hop live! I've seen tons of acts before and it's never the same as what you get on a CD. Lots of hip-hop shines with the studio touch. From a production standpoint, the voices usually need sweetening and the levels are always off.

At the end of the show, Erick Sermon screamed at the audience saying, "We have got to stop the HATING! Hating is an all-time high...and it's got to stop! Haters need to do something with themselves instead of sitting around hating doing nothing. Be peaceful as you are all gathered here today. The world needs peace".


After the hip-hop festival, I hit up an Italian one in the North End. I found the the sign below and ended up grabbing it for my friend Jeremy's "Ruff n' Stuff " Sicilian grandma.

Boston is a very beautiful city. It takes a few months to get used to it, but I've been spending my time taking writing classes at Harvard to brush up on my skills. I really like the diversity in Cambridge, and there are some parts of the city that look just like Europe. It's nice. Very nice.