A Cinematic Blessing

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You must own a copy of Baraka. It's one of my most favorite films, yet it has no real story. Instead it shows you the beauty of this world and the cinematography in this one-of-a-kind gem is astonishingly breathless.

Baraka comes from the Islamic word found in the Quran which means blessing and this film highlights some of the world's most forgotten blessings! If you're into photography, anthropology, spirituality, natural sciences, or just love exploring the world from your chair, this is it! Press play above to watch it online. Still though, nothing beats DVD for this kind of picture.

Baraka was made in 1993, yet it's timeless. Shot in 24 countries with a crew of just 3, the creators used 70mm film which is the highest and most expensive grade of film money can buy. Baraka has it's intense moments and surely beats anything you'll see on Discovery Channel so share it. It's an absofuckinglutely beautiful reminder of how vast and diverse our earth really is.