Slammin' It!

I'm so proud of myself. I just got back from a poetry slam where I was the only non-black person in the entire club. The vibe was so great and the poetry I heard was unlike all the flowery, artsy, "I'm so eclectic" shit I've heard before.

I went up to the mic knowing I wasn't ever going to see any of the people again and just freestyled it. I started getting more passionate, twisting words, tweaking my tones, and beating my thoughts until I turned into an ocean of emotion and drenched everybody into silence until the thunder came. I went insane. Can't wait to rain again. I naturally talk in rhymes so it was cool to finally just talk and have everybody think it was poetry I had written beforehand. One minute I'm running off like Laurel and Hardy, next minute I'm giving it straight, oral and hard. And at the end, I had more to drop so I looked at the crowd...and ask them to pick another card.