DIfferent Shades of Sierra Leone

"It's very normal to feel very helpless when you're surrounded by a helpless population. I choose to stay indoors until I can collect the strength to face a heart-wrenching climate filled with children who have had their souls raped. Some look as cold and lifeless as sharks while others smile in mania. Many are left to fend for themselves and are blind to direction. Though I see nothing but stillness in their eyes, I cannot show them the hopelessness in mine. My job is to share with them my light, do what I can for the time being, and to make sure my short stint will revive their faith for a better existence and illuminate a fire in their hardened spirits. I come to see what I need to know, learn what needs to be done, and will return before any of their lights go out. "

-Suzy Kassem aka Blue Panther