Saturday was a good day to be in NYC. MOMA launched their summer PS1 series which takes place every weekend. I'm glad I went! Amazing house music from day to night, followed by an afterhours party which also featured slamming French house on the beach. Friday night after the fireworks, I was taken to a crazy party that was like walking into Wonderland. Good music and good people. It started with an "R" -- I barely remember anything from that night. Sunday, I tried sleeping in but didn't get a chance to because I was swept away to a Brazilian joint for some good samba and "brunch". Later was invited for some drinks at a loft up in Tribeca which I got us thrown out of because this one dude was an idiot. I haven't danced in awhile so in all it was worth it. NY is loaded with party trains that go on and on for days if you're up to it depending on your taste of music and scene.


The one thing I do like about NY versus LA is the vibe. NY has a tight vibe, naturally cool people, naturally dope style, and a golden sense of community. You run into the same people over and over again and are constantly meeting new people. The vibe is so good, you don't want to miss out on anything. Unlike LA, where I hated going out because everything was so segregated and cheesy. Super cheesy to the point where all the dudes seemed to be in the same "gangsta" uniform and if Forever 21 didn't exist, the girls there wouldn't know what to wear.

NY is the only city in America where I feel like I'm home and I belong. I'm surrounded by true creatives and dreamers who are real instead of selfish and phony. I walk into a club and I don't feel like people are sizing me up, looking at me like dinner, or comparing me to themselves and radiating their insecurities. I love being in a place where everybody wants to meet you and it makes a big difference when realness recognizes realness. For real. In LA it's the opposite. The realer you are, the more of a threat you are. Nobody wants to be called out for their fakeness in LA by someone who sees through it all.