The True Picture of Our Current World

The 3rd Kind is Us Outside Our Minds

What could be more savage than being attacked by a madman with a machete -- when you least expect it?

The sad thing is that in this current age, it is happening all over the place. There's a sharp current of frustration sweeping the streets and some people are losing their minds. Harmony cannot exist when the mind is not sound. These scattered frequencies all around the globe have a lot to do with a deteriorating economy, heated inflation, and sleepless nights. When the economy declines, crime always goes up. Hard times call for desperate measures.

As I write this, hipsters are being hacked by machetes in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Different parts of the east coast are also reporting similar incidents. In London, knife attacks are escalating out of control. In southern Africa, it's just a common thing. Where is all this savagery coming from? How can these cold acts even be carried out? By who and why?

Crime happens when:

1) A certain gain is involved (survival, greed, need)
2) People are bored
3) People are pushed over the edge
4) As an act of resolution or revenge

The moral deterioration of our world is happening now on every level. Social savagery can be witnessed in the papers, on the streets and in our relationships. We have become a society driven by mass-consumption, globalization, and absolute ignorance. As we sit and flip our TV stations looking for the next reality show, we have forgotten about the real show happening outside our windows -- and it is a very sad one indeed. America is decaying. While some cities are seeing some growth, many are dying and being hit by foreclosure signs all over the place. The only reason those cities with growth are floating is because the rush of people coming from dead cities are increasing their revenue flow. Yet it's only temporary if things get worse. People are having a hard time saving money. Some have lost their homes while others are just living on credit. The streets may look normal to you, but I feel the desperation on all levels.

Now, when things in life happen against the natural will of nature, frequencies get chaotic. When science manipulates the norm, something has to go wrong. When something breaks the flow, the flow has to go somewhere. When the spinning wheel is forced to stop, everything goes flying out of bounds. Get it? Right now, everything is haywire because our ruling systems and the captains of global capitalism are forcing us into the future before we are ready. In addition, our planet and its resources are being raped, destroyed, and neglected way before their time. As a result, our balance is being thrown off its natural course. At this stage of our earth's evolution, we should be practicing world peace and taking care of our world. Instead we are being pitted against each other, divided, dumbed down, conquered and mentally enslaved. All the unnatural disasters that have occurred within the past five years should tell us something.

Internal and environmental factors have a lot to do with what is going on in the present. The pressure is cooking amongst our people and there's a lot of steam in the air. Things will get hectic when people reach their boiling points. So if people are tweaking now, what is to happen in the next five years if we go to war with Iran? Or if something happens before the election? What if Obamanism is just another gimmick to fool us again? What about all these bills that have passed restricting us of our freedoms? Are we being set-up? With the annihilation of the middle class, things are going to get ugly. The price of gas is too much for the underpaid in debt and the unemployed looking for work. No matter how much you are making, you are always being hit by something: permits, licenses, fees, fines, penalties, birth tax, death tax.

So who is really free? If our country does not even care about the health of the natives in its own backyard, what makes any of us think it has the best interests of the world at heart? If our country is allowing corporations that hire millions of people to outsource their jobs overseas to save money, then what makes us think it even cares about our welfare -- in times of high unemployment? Companies closing buildings and plants and outsourcing overseas is one of the major reasons cities are dying! Thousands of people are left without jobs and the local economy just wilts because there is no money to fuel it's engine. Our country does not exist to serve us, the people. Instead it serves the mighty buck. How much more evidence do you really need? I can write a book.

How can we progress if we are only going in rewind? How can we learn if people are feeling boxed in? Again, we cannot progress if one is not mentally sound. Before we save the world, we have to save our minds, and that of our brothers and neighbors. Our brothers and sisters cannot cooperate if they are hungry, in poor health, or pushed beyond their limits. We cannot allow that to happen. We have to fight to fulfill everyone's basic needs to live a stable life in peace. We cannot have our own turned against us and lose sight of the real villains and oppressors. The 3rd kind is us outside our minds. The 3rd kind is our greatest enemy. When our brains our distracted, we are pushed further into enslavement. When our brains our distracted, we are being cheated and betrayed. Clear the mind. Sharpen the focus. Enlarge the overall picture.

There is hope to stop the madness.

The rise of multi-creatives today is equivalent to that of the Renaissance period. We are currently going through a moment of great change. We are becoming more creative for a smoother struggle. We are becoming more conscious of recycling, turning green, and tuning in to the energies around us and within ourselves. We need to to be self-sufficient as a growing super-conscious, global community and taking care of all those who fall under our umbrella should be a collective priority. To stop crime, we must address the needs of those performing the crimes. To stop our government, we need to show them that we can be self-sufficient. We won't buy anything if they don't yield to our real concerns! That easy. Yet sad to say, with all the mass-consumption junkies out there, this would be a tough order but it is achievable to the degree to make a point and get results. Next, we need to push for campaign finance reform, that's all about changing the way our presidential campaigns are financed. As long as our leaders are taking money from big corporations, they will exist to serve them, not us. Our leader will be their slave. Obama was against the war and just recently changed his tune again. Instead of looking for leaders, we must govern ourselves as an undivided people. We are our own saviors!

According to JFK, it will take an outside invasion for us to all come together as one. His words are so true. However, I don't plan to stick around to wait for that to happen. We need to start a revolution NOW. We need to genuinely become active NOW. We must awaken our friends, relatives and neighbors - NOW! We need a revolution without violence. A revolution of thoughts and words, of creativity and action. We must learn from history as it always repeats itself. We must give the streets voices. People need to be told what is really going on and what to do! We must create our own media to educate and elevate. And we must be persistent. Learn from the marketing gurus behind Obama's campaign, and make your message trendy. It's the only way to connect to victims of commercialism. Speak their language. For this to work, it has to start from the bottom up and we must maintain integrity and order throughout the entire manifestation of our vision.

We have to start the revolution now.
Humanity is being seriously suffocated.

-By Suzy Kassem aka Blue Panther


P.S: We need to fight to eliminate the production and distribution of machetes as soon as possible. Businesses are profiting from creating tools for us to use to kill each other. We need them out of the United States and have them marked as being illegal. In Africa, machetes are brutally used to cut off body parts. We need to urge the U.N to stop the trade of machetes in South America and Africa. I've seen so many Africans now with no arms and legs and they scoot around on thin boards or even buckets with wheels. To hear machete attacks are growing in America is scary. You have to question how and why they are being put within our reach.


07/13/08, originally posted online 02/10/06